The Vehicle

This is no ordinary vehicle. Meet Valentina, the third member of our team, our 1978 Volkswagen Bus. Although she’s a ripe old age, she gets us from here to there in style, provides us with shelter, and has more personality than your dog.

In early 2008, while pondering our travel plan for the year, we were inspired by another adventurous couple, Rich and Amanda Ligato, that traveled the world for two years in a Volkswagen Bus. After learning of their amazing story, we decided we needed to experience the air-cooled VW phenomenon for ourselves, and set out on a mission to find the perfect Bus. On Valentine’s Day 2008, we acquired Valentina from a seller in Oregon, and history was made.

She is the Westfalia-converted Campmobile Deluxe, and we have put more sweat, tears, and memories into this vehicle than most people would in a lifetime. She traveled with us 25,000 miles across the country, from Florida to Alaska, all the way down the west coast, and back home, over an eight month period. She is sure to bring a smile to one’s face, elicit a wave of the hand, or prompt one to gesture with a two-fingered peace sign. Since returning from our road trip in early 2009, she’s been sitting out the hot Florida summers in our garage, and in the winters gets out for small jaunts within our home state. When the time is right again, it will be time to take her out across the country, pop up the top, and make some new memories on the road to nowhere.

Snippets of Her Life
Valentina, 1978 Volkswagen Campmobile Bus

Her Info

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