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In 2006, an easy-going dude from Long Island met a hot babe from Colombia. The chemistry was unmistakable. The spark formed the basis of a dynamic relationship that would embrace friendship, adventure, and love. Their lives converged in Miami, Florida, the city they call home, well, sort of...

Marc and Eliana have a passion for exploring, whether it be hiking a local trail, paddling a kayak down a waterway, or traveling to a distant land. With binoculars, camera, and GPS in hand, they crave the ever-constant thrill of opening their eyes to new places, cultures, and different forms of nature. Their mind-broadening travels have taken them from the hidden gems of South Florida, across the great roads of the USA, and to the neotropical jungles of South America.

In their regular working lives, the two animal lovers keep busy in the veterinary field. Marc is a veterinarian, specializing in the care of birds, reptiles, and exotic pets. Eliana is his multi-tasking technician on the “Meow Mobile”, a mobile veterinary clinic decked out for intense spaying and neutering of cats. At home, they care for their dog Baloo, five cats, three sugar gliders, and a bunch of happy tortoises.

Life is good.

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